The Ungentle Art of Clawhammer Banjo

The Ungentle Art of Clawhammer Banjo

Ragged but Right:

The Ungentle Art of Clawhammer Banjo

A Celebration of America's Greatest Multicultural Musical Creation

By  Rick Jackofsky

40 pages, Bump Ditty Press 2012

 I  just finished putting together a new book about clawhammer banjo. It includes some banjo history, music theory, and banjo technique, as well as recommended reading, listening, and viewing. It's a 40 page, perfect bound, full color, 8 1/2 x 11 paperback book. I wrote this book as an aid to my private students and workshop attendees. It is meant to be more of a reference tool than a stand alone instructional method, and as such should be of interest to anyone with an interest in American music or old time banjo. Topics covered include practical music theory and clawhammer banjo; techniques, resources, and history; from the instrument's ancient African roots through the twenty-first century. This is not a "songbook;" its purpose is to help people who would like to become part of the oral tradition of American folk music by bringing to life the music they hear in their hearts, minds, and the world around them.

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* Banjo History and Mythology

* Buying a Banjo

* Tuning

* Clawhammer Rhythms
          Bump Ditty
          Brush Stroke
          Double Thumbing
          Drop Thumb
          Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

* Alternate Tunings
   5 alternatives to the standard open G tuning

* Practical Music Theory
Explained without the use of traditional music notation
         Scales and Modes
         Chords, Double Stops, and Intervals

        Nashville Number System

*  Resources

"Natural storytelling ability and encyclopedic knowledge of the history of American roots music"  -Rose Croke, The Pearl River Patch

Copyright Rick Jackofsky 2012